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Thread: Thermometers not calibrated

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    Thermometers not calibrated

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    I bought a new milk thermometer and its different to my old one by several degrees. The milk frothing seemed different so I put three thermometers into a mug of warm water and left them for 15 minutes or so. The newest one read 39C, the older milk thermomter read 31C and my fish tank thermometer read 30C.

    How many people have had poorly calibrated thermometers? Are the digital ones better calibrated?

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    Re: Thermometers not calibrated

    Nearly all of the analogue thermometers are, or can become, inaccurate.
    The ones I have can be twisted to re-adjust the position of the needle.
    I used to calibrate them in a pot of boling water every now and then, but it was something that needed to be done every few weeks.

    In the end, I worked to lose my reliance on them. I did a number of jugs of milk without the thermometers in them, getting used to judging the feel of the jug. I use my right hand to hold the jug handle and use my left had to check temp. In the early days, I would quickly put the thermometer in my milk at the end to see how close I was. You soon get pretty good at judging the right temperature, or at least getting close without burning!

    Cant speak for the digital ones personally, but have heard from others that they are just as unreliable.


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    Re: Thermometers not calibrated

    Thanks, Brett. I didnt realise you could adjust the needle but have just tried and it works on mine also. Ill calibrate them to the same temp now.

    I wasnt using one for a long time and found that when I used it again the quality of the milk improved enormously. So Ill use it for a while and then will hopefully be able to do without once Ive got the technique mastered properly.

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