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Thread: Temperature surfing (badly dude)

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    Temperature surfing (badly dude)

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    Hey guys Im a newbie so be nice!! :P just got a Silvia and heard about temperature surfing?? Please explain?? Thanks!! :P :D

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    Re: Temperature surfing (badly dude)

    The "Temp Surf" (which would be more accurately referred to as a time surf) as is being used by so many alties, is a method that allows the Silvia user (and other owners of machines that have a boiler) to pump water into the boiler and then wait a pre-determined, user-selected amount of time before pulling their shot. This is designed to create an environment that starts the machine at approximately the same temperature each time and hopefully holds a reasonably constant temp throughout the pull. Testing by Greg Scace, Andy Schecter, and to a much smaller extent myself have shown this method effective. Without somewhat complicated, and relatively costly add-ons to the machines, its about the best thing an owner can do in an attempt to eliminate, or at least limit, one of the variables in the making of espresso- water temperature.

    Courtesy of Randy Glass Esquire.

    Check out his website at * (the above taken from Ch. 58) *Many have made your mistakes before you....but only Randy has put them to paper so eloquently for everyone else to benefit * :)

    P.S. Hi & welcome to CS !

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    Re: Temperature surfing (badly dude)

    practice makes close to perfect. (i dont like saying its perfect because then i cant improve)

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    Re: Temperature surfing (badly dude)

    Personally I prefer to temp surf by flushing the the group down to temp from the top of its brew cycle (kinda like flushing a hx) as demoed by here Kyle Glanville (Intelly tour part 2 - second vid on the page).

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