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Thread: Splitting Milk

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    Splitting Milk

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    Ive been having problems getting consistent microfoam out of my BDB (consistent enough for latte art at least), thought id do some experimenting with splitting milk between two jugs.

    - Get two jugs, preferably one smaller to pour out of
    - Steam milk as normal in the larger, tap to settle etc
    - Pour milk back and forth between them a few times if you have a big lump of foam on top from poor technique
    - Pour enough into the smaller one to fill your cup plus a bit extra
    - Pour into the cup.

    Pouring between the two jugs seems to help integrate some of the thick foam at the top, resulting in a more uniform texture, and its a lot more forgiving on poor technique.
    My end result was some decent looking latte art, definitely an improvement over just steaming and pouring from the same jug.

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    Re: Splitting Milk

    thanks. i just learnt the wonders of KK technique but have a few lumps when using bonsoy (fine with cows milk). will try this

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