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Thread: Struggling to get art worthy microfoam?

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    Struggling to get art worthy microfoam?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Just get one of these:

    Look what it can do ^

    Or is that just an amazing etching?


    "Produces 800ml milk froth from only 200ml milk"

    So you can make enough for 4 or 5 lattes in one go!

    Spotted for sale on a well known auction site under Restaurant Coffee Machines.

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    well, think about it.
    200ml------>800ml,the difference is 600ml of froth.
    the froth/milk ratio is 3/1 which is even higher then cappucino.
    Then they're talking about lattes and latte arts.... I'm so confused

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    You can't get blood out of a stone.

    That thing of pure gimmickery is for those instant coffee lovers who thought they bought their fantasies come true by producing foam that at best is meant for cappucino.

    I still shudder at those who bought pre mix chai and coffee or mocha powder concoctions filled with a myriad of allergy producing compounds from supermarkets to replicate something they experienced at cafes, at home.

    In order to produce microfoam needed for latte art, the best way still is to produce it from a steam wand from a suitable machine, and it will definitely have to be denser than cappucino level foam.(ie.tinier bubbles).

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    I'm sure it would be brilliant combined with blend 43

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    Seattle Coffee Gear video, 1:15 in, they state steaming milk to double it for lattes, 7oz of milk required for the 14oz in a 16oz latte.

    Are American lattes huge versions of our caps?

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    In my limited experience of American coffee, the relationship between a latte and a cappuccino there was very different to what we have here in Aus. Ordering a cappuccino there (from cafes with decent coffee, no Starbucks!) got me something between an Australian latte and a cappuccino, but a latte there was served in a rather larger cup and topped up with more milk. Rather than here, where the volume of the cup is similar but the amount of foam is different. It seems for them the main difference is just the sheer quantity of milk, at least for the places I visited

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