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Thread: I've lost my steaming mojo

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    I've lost my steaming mojo

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    I'm not sure what's happened. I was getting great microfoam on my old Oscar since forever, but after going away for a fortnight, I came back and the milk stays thin. I did some descaling and steam pressure looks all right (not that I can tell for sure), but I'm still having trouble finding the zone between normal milk and useless big bubbles. Might it be a pressurestat or other mechanical problem? Or is it just me?

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    Hi Mate, Is this happening with all brands of milk your using?

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    It's funny you mention this because I've been having the exact same problem, though with a different machine.
    I have 2x EM6910's one at home and one at work. I get perfect foam at home but at work lately I've been getting a horrible mix of watery milk and giant bubbles that haven't incorporated.

    Both using the same milk though my machine at home uses a big jug and milk quantity.
    I was having an issue at home as well but discovered I was just trying to make my milk too hot (I think my temp gauge is inaccurate) and by stopping 5 degrees earlier it made all the difference.

    I did my milk at work this morning and it came out much better (though still not as good as home). I have been putting more milk in the jug and I tried steaming into the back corner to create less swirling. It helped.

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    It could depend on the brand, or sometimes it can be a seasonal thing, something with the enzymes in the milk. Sounds crazy but it's true!

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    In with the daft but (imho) obvious question... have you checked your steam tip and tube to makes sure they're not clogged up?

    I was about to post a thread asking if anyone else has problems with the tips crudding up a lot.. in extreme cases i've seen you're symptoms due to insufficient pressure to form the micro foam.

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