Hi all,

my school P+C often runs a little coffee stand at events for a bit of fundraising.
They currently make coffee with a Jura automatic machine and separately make milk with a Nespresso Cappuccinatore CS20 - given as a gift (an office milk machine).
BUT - the Nespresso machine is having trouble and Nespresso aren't really interested in helping as the school isn't a business customer :-(

So.... does anyone know of a reasonable replacement?
It needs to be able to make a pretty continuous run of milk to keep up with the busy times. Perhaps 60 cups an hour.
And it needs to be cheap enough for the P+C, and simple enough that an unskilled volunteer can run it.

That might write off commercial steamers (like Astra steamer or Plus GEH300) as too expensive and needing steaming skills.
Is there anything like their current CS20 or a Quickmill Auto Steamer still around?