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Thread: Coca Cola franken-milk

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    Coca Cola franken-milk

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    Coca Cola has made an entry into the milk market. Only in the US so far.

    Coke hopes to cream it but consumers dub foray into dairy 'franken-milk'

    It's been "Premiumised" meaning higher protein and lactose free, I think. Some report it as richer in flavour. I can't say I'm keen to try it but if the claim of double the price of normal milk is true, it had better be really good. Hopefully one of our US correspondents will report?

    This isn't Coke's first milk product. They sell a product called Barista Brothers Iced Coffee .

    Hundreds of comments have flooded the Barista Bros Facebook page, and describing it as "the worst iced coffee I've ever tasted"

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    I was one of the hundreds. IMO, It is evil tasting s@#t. If they were looking to capture the Vietnamese coffee culture, they got pretty close. It tastes more like condensed milk coffee from a tube, than iced coffee. If you like condensed milk coffee you may love it.

    I wouldn't expect any of their other products to be any better. Is it another powdered milk product?

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