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Thread: Has anyone tried The Complete Dairy High Protein Milk?

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    Has anyone tried The Complete Dairy High Protein Milk?

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    Have had issues the past few months with frothing milk. Have tried numerous brands lately (A2, made by cow etc etc) and keep having the same issue (no froth at all). Recently tried the complete dairy high protein milk and so far has been amazing. Fingers crossed it's consistent

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    Have tried it, didn't like the flavour much though. It did foam okay, but no better than any other higher quality full cream milk.

    Most milks these days are blended to achieve a pretty consistent mix of fat and protein % - particularly the bigger brand ones (I believe the Complete Dairy High Protein Milk is produced by one of the big chains).

    I find that technique makes more of a difference than milk in terms of foaming - it's just a taste preference for me.

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    ....."What I Learnt Lately "....
    I attended a local Dairy Farm who had an open day recently.
    In talking to the Farmer and the Food Technologist present from their processor,
    The Question to them both was "what difference is there in your brand label x (read the label in some cafe's - cappuccino blend)
    and your brand label y in most supermarkets and same / similar to the house brand.
    Why does label x stretch so well?
    Answer in short ? The Protein level is higher. full stop.
    After many more questions to find out how, etc,

    Extra Milk Powder is added (Protein).
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    Hi Thomas,

    Yes I do drink it, both full cream and light versions. Not because it stretches well or the flavour (which is not this great, a bit watery compared to other brands) but for sport reasons. It is perhaps one of the few high protein milks which is not obtained with powders but with a process of filtration. Then I tried to steam it and, surprisingly, even the light version stretches very well.

    Obviously, as the taste is not great, if I really want a good cappuccino or latte (which is very rare because I usually drink triple ristrettos) I would go for something like Farmer's Own Gold or, another very good one I have tried is Anchor. But, regardless of the brand, I still have to find a milk which is as good as some I usually had in Italy. I am from the Mugello area, just next to Scarperia, where la Marzocco is located (they like to say Florence, but in reality is in the extended province, just down the road from the Mugello circuit) and the milk that is produced in that area is just on another planet. I could drink it just as it is, whereas the majority of milks I tasted here just don't taste like...anything really.

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