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Thread: Milk observations going from Sunbeam Cafe to Germany ECM machine

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    Milk observations going from Sunbeam Cafe to Germany ECM machine

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    Hello there. Thanks for reading this message.
    I have been using a Sunbeam cafe machine for about 8-10 years. Basically they crap out in the first 2 x years and because of the extended warranty you just take them back and they give you a new one.

    Well I thought after 10 years of a cheap $200 style machine I would upgrade to a more commercial quality unit.
    NOw I quite enjoyed the Sunbeam Flat white coffee I got out of it for years and now having had the ECM Casa for 3 x months now I see the coffee comes out a little different in taste.

    IT seems the Sunbeam machine did not stretch the milk anywhere near the ECM Casa and it was sort of like hot milk with very little froth whichis sort of how I got used to it. Taste was great.

    Now the ECM Casa seems to froth very easy but the whole milk part of the coffee flat white tastes and feels a little thicker then the Sunbeam.
    I am not sure I am doing it right. I froth up the milk for about 3-5 seconds at the start and then plunge the steamer further down the jug to stop the foaming form happening. But it still tastes a little bit frothy. I think I have gotten use to a milk Sunbeam style coffee.

    Now I really like this new style but it makes drinking a coffee a lot quicker and leaves you with a "I need another one" feeling straight away.

    Does this seem usual?

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    I think it's a common experience for people making the transition you have. The sunbeam takes ages to steam milk, you honestly have an eternity and it's very forgiving. The ECM will have much more powerful steam and will take some getting used to.
    I don't really "plunge" the steamer once I've let the amount of air in I'm happy with. I always keep the steam tip close to the surface as I feel this creates the best whirlpool action. As a guide you can let air in up until 40 degrees, and don't let too much in at once. You might already know all this, but I haven't seen your technique so I'm not sure. It could be that you're letting too much air in and are just used to the Sunbeam, which requires more air to get a decent microfilm going. Hope that helps.

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    Seems normal to me. I usually stretch until it starts getting warm and then submerge and let the whirlpool run till it reaches 60 degrees. Remember Mercury keeps ringing even after stopping. I like to go between 65 and 70.

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