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Thread: VBM Domobar Junior and Super Speedster style steam tip

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    VBM Domobar Junior and Super Speedster style steam tip

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    Hi all,

    As many happy Domobar Users, in the last couple of years I managed to get good microfoam with the stock 2 hole steaming tip.

    However, I was not entirely satisfied with the results, especially with the steam pressure dropping quiet quick and the microfoam was decent but not as I wished.

    A guy from the Ukraine recommended me a steam nozzle he is using in his DB Junior. I'll add below links with a couple of videos the guy uploaded and a link to where you can buy the nozzle.

    It is called the "Tornado" and guys, sincerely, for those who don't care about aesthetics, this steam tip is the perfect match for the Junior and perhaps the Super too.

    My impressions after 6 months of using it:

    -4 holes 1.1 mm: to my surprise, it steams faster than the 2 hole tip and never runs out of pressure.
    Lowest pressure is 0.7 as much and recovers faster than stock steam tip.. with a 300ml pitcher I haven't seen it going lower than 0.9..(although I always steam after machine is fully recovered)

    -positioned to perform a "tornado" effect: a 300ml pitcher with 150ml of milk doesn't even require a technique. Just put the steam tip in the middle and let the "tornado" do his job.. perfect... perfect.. microfoam.

    A 600ml steam pitcher no problems neither, although it requires the standard technique to create a whirlpool.. just to the side between the centre of pitcher and the walls.. no big deal and still straightforward.

    Again, I am just sharing my experience in case someone finds it useful.. as a disclaimer, I have nothing to do with the guy in the Ukraine.. you can actually see my comments in his video asking for more information :-).

    I found the tip here:eBay link removed as per Site Posting Policy

    A couple of videos of the steam tip:

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