Soy is out the window, forget about it, now oat milk (is there such a thing? Milk is a nutrient-rich, white liquid food produced by the mammary glands of mammals" is the thing, young trendy coffee drinkers are a capricious lot ain't they?

"Melbourne cafe Proud Mary general manager Tom Gunn says."Oat milk will be huge," he told AAP" I wonder how many in the population at large really care?

"But Ms Ainsworth says people are fickle about their brew, and often chase the next craze." I hadn't noticed!

Don't get me wrong, it wouldn't worry me a jot if people put thistle milk in their brew, I imagine most would use oat extract and the like to run with the crowd, whilst others for real or imaginary dietary or ethical concerns.

Seems like only yesterday soy was the way to go, now its quite passe.

Milking oats.jpg