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Thread: Insulated silvia steam temp

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    Insulated silvia steam temp

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    I've got a Silvia with insulation around the boiler and copper pipe to the steam valve, with an auber PID. The steam seems pretty vicious at the standard setting of 140 degrees and had the milk wanting to escape from the small pitcher. I'm wondering if the PID is catering for uninsulated boilers.

    When it's heating from brew to steam it will overshoot by around 7 degrees.

    I've lowered the set point to around 135 degrees and I think the steam was more manageable. I just put it back to factory settings to give it another go but had the whirlpool wanting to jump out of the pitcher again.

    Has anyone else experimented with steam temp with insulated boilers on the silvia?

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    From my recollection the Silvia has a rotary steam valve, the flow can be easily regulated by opening/closing it.

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