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Thread: Procal milk

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    Procal milk

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    An article today in the Sydney Morning Herald
    describes a new milk supposedly specially developed for making froth for coffee.

    I have not seen this product and am not likely to as I live in the country [Albury] but just wondering whether anyone has seen/tried it?

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    Re: Procal milk

    I doubt it is anything different than the crema milk.

    Milk doesnt need to be "Easier to froth," you just need to have better trained monkeys.

    For a simple experiment, dissolve some skim milk powder in your normal milk, and steam. I reckon thats what youre paying the extra $$$ for.

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    Re: Procal milk

    I use to use this in my restaurant in Melb a few years ago.....
    1) it was 40c a litre less than normal milk
    2) it foamed easier as it tasted a little fattier, but still rated at 4%
    3) it was more direct from the milk depo, in other words in did not sit in the shop as long. This was confirmed in that it had a lot longer before the use by date.

    So I guessed it was just fresher and a little higher in fat, so made it easier for the "monkeys" to foam (although they was trained monkey I had a laugh)

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    Re: Procal milk

    I think the major factor in getting microfoam is the person controlling the jug and steam wand and quality, amount of steam available.
    It took me quite a while to perfect my steaming method after getting Silvia but now I am able to produce consistently good microfoam for latte, capos etc. Occasionally it is not as good as expected and this could be attributed to the quality and age of the milk!!
    To sum it up Its all in the method..............................whether it is full cream milk or skim!!

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