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Thread: One hole steam tip?? for faema e98

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    One hole steam tip?? for faema e98

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    My faema e98 arrived last week and weve been having trouble getting the milk right.
    It came with 2 nozzles, both 4 hole but one has bigger holes than the other.

    So far, the best froth that i can get is by plugging 3 holes up with toothpicks- this is the only way i can get a gentle whirlpool happening and the milk to increase in volume & foam.

    My question is: is there a 1 hole steam tip that fits the faema e98?

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    Re: One hole steam tip?? for faema e98


    There possibly is... I know there is a two hole available from CoffeeParts (and I presume other sponsors).

    But fitting a smaller tip is a bit like buying a Ferrari and taking out the motor and putting in a mini motor.... because the original motor is just too powerful!

    You CAN get perfect microfoam from a 4 hole tip..... My La Cimbali isnt much different to the Faema..... and I can get microfoam with a small jug and enough milk for just one latte (in a few seconds)....

    The first time I tried with the La Cimbali I "blew" 600ml out of the jug in just seconds..... now I have no problem even with small quantities of milk.

    You just have to get the angle of the steam wand right and learn how to move the jug..... it is all a lot faster than it would be with a 1 hole.... but the quality of the microfoam is just as good.

    Forget how you used a domestic machine.... these beasts are totally different. It might be worth doing a "Commercial machine operating course"... most coffee training organisations provide these and it is well worthwhile as they cover a lot more than just the milk texturing (like flushing etc) which is also different to a domestic.....

    Believe me, just keep trying! Once you get the technique right, it will be a breeze to texture milk in a 300mL jug all the way up to a 1.5L jug.

    Good luck.

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