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Thread: Newbie texturers... might like to try this.....

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    Newbie texturers... might like to try this.....

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    ...but the microfoam pros might like to do it too so they can describe whats going on in the jug and what we should be aiming for.

    Fill your very clean milk jug to the usual level with cold water and try to texture it.

    Of course texturing water is not possible, but this little exercise will give you a close look at what your steam wand is actually doing as you move it about under the surface, surfin the top, and against the wall of the jug etc.

    I was curious to see what my steam wand was really doing under the surface, but my first attempt failed as the water soon went cloudy and sudsy on top, blocking my view to the action below. So clean any milk residue from the jug before you play, a quick rinse wont do.

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    Re: Newbie texturers... might like to try this....

    Hey! I tried this in an effort to save milk when I first got my machine! Very interesting! Two main observations though, I could get a swirl happening with the water, but I couldnt translate that to getting a swirl with the milk. Definatly a change in consitancy with the microfoam. (Im still a microfoam newbie :P)

    And surfing was fun too! That definatly helped out. Actually being able to see the tip and the steam working its magic was great. I had a thermometer in there just for kicks too! I noticed that the water actually started to splatter at higher temps compared to when it was cold and made surfing impossible, just an interesting little useless fact I guess.

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