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Thread: Texturing with VBM Levetta

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    Texturing with VBM Levetta

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    Being the happy owner of my new Levetta I am now having to learn again how to texture the milk. I have replaced the 4 hole end with a 2 hole end on the wand. I use a 500ml jug and fill to just below where the spout begins (1/2 way up the jug approx). I found using a one hole wand in a previous life it was much easier to get the swirl going. I have read suggestions of blocking one of the holes but wonder how others get that whirlpool motion happening with the 2 hole wand end?

    Greg (Crowie)

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    Re: Texturing with VBM Levetta

    Hi Greg,

    My Levetta was supplied with a 2 hole VBM tip, and it took a bit of getting used to.

    The main thing to remember with the Levetta is to place the tip as near vertical as you can, just under the surface of the milk and set up that ch ch ch ch sounding action gradually increasing the steam pressure, until 20-30 degrees Celsius, depending on how much microfroth you require, then drop the tip, ie raise the jug, till the whole of the tip fitting is below the surface of the milk, then texture till the desired temperature.

    Rather than setting up a swirling action with the milk going around the jug, it is much more effective with the VBM to have the milk tumbling over itself! Much better microfoam me on that!

    I would not recommend blocking any hole in the tip.


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    Re: Texturing with VBM Levetta

    Ive been getting really good results from steaming with my wand at an angle at one point. I somehow have lost this technique and am getting really bad looking milk. Could someone with a 2hole steam tip post a picture of how they angle the wand in the pitcher? preferrably on the vbm domobar super?

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