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Thread: Frothing with Breville 800ES

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    Frothing with Breville 800ES

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    Im really new to the home espresso scene. Ive always enjoyed a good coffee and Ive learnt a bit at a local barista short course with Bill of Bills Beans. My wife bought me a Breville 800ES recently (Ive seen enough of the threads to know that many people dont like the the thermoblock and the lack of fine control when making coffee) but Ive been having a lot of trouble frothing my milk. It generally keeps coming out with very little microfoam.

    From my attempts so far,

    1) Ive tried both fresh milk and UHT milk with no difference in frothing

    2) Ive tried with and without the extra pipe over the steam wand (it was recommended that I leave it off by Bill). I did get more froth when I left it on but the foam contained large bubbles not the microfoam I was aiming for.

    Can anybody give me any tips as to why it doesnt seem to be working? If anything, it seems Im just not getting enough pressure from the steam wand.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Frothing with Breville 800ES

    WElcome to Coffee Snobs eagleprof.

    To answer your question we need to know the problem.
    Is the milk coming out thin?

    You need to skim the surface of the milk with the wand so that the steam breaks through occasionally and sucks air into the milk.
    Youll heare a "ch ch ch" noise when youve got it right.

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    Re: Frothing with Breville 800ES

    Ok, thanks Thundergod. Ill give your suggestion a try.

    Yeah, the milk is basically coming out without any real froth on top at all and without very much volume. Im starting with cold milk and Im steaming it until my jug is too hot to touch.

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    Re: Frothing with Breville 800ES

    I have a Breville Cafe Roma and we also have one at work and made a lot of coffees on these machines over the past 18 months. My technique is to swirl the milk in the jug during initial stages of the foaming allowing part of the nozzle to break the surface to draw small amounts of air into the milk. Once the milk reaches hand temperature I stop swirling but leave the nozzle close to the side of the jug and just below the surface.

    I am usually reasonably happy with the results and dont get too many failures. Most of the failure seem to be when someone is talking to me while I am foaming the milk - I dont multitask well :)

    Good luck

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    Re: Frothing with Breville 800ES

    The problem, in as far as I can see, is your machine. 800ES has a typical cheap thermoblock design even though it appears well built on the outside, its whats on the inside that counts, and the steaming ability of the vast majority of thermoblock designs leave an awful lot to be desired.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the Breville Ikon BES400 machine will produce much better and more consistent steam than the 800ES.


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    Re: Frothing with Breville 800ES

    I had this machine for a while and have very recently upgraded to a VBM Domobar.
    Some of the best microfoam results I got from this machine was in its last couple of weeks of use - I read the manual for the VBM from 1st-line (which I downloaded) and applied their steaming advice to the 800ES.
    In short, what I was doing was putting the tip in at an angle about half way between the centre and the right side of the jug, thus making a strong whirlpool. Using the pressure of the steam, get the tip into the position that gives you the greatest spinning of the whirlpool.
    Make sure some air gets sucked in early by having the tip very close to the top of the milk - you will hear the air get sucked in. If you get a lot of big bubbles, you had the tip too high but this can work for you as well - keep the whirlpool spinning but get the tip closer to the centre of the jug and only just below the surface - the whirlpool will suck the bubbles into the tip and by the time the milk is hot, most or all of the big bubbles will have been sucked into the milk and you will have microfoam. Keep the whirlpool spinning!
    Hope that helps.

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