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Thread: Milk Frothing

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    Milk Frothing

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    I have Gaggia Classic with Silvia Wand modification. I can froth milk reasonably well in 300ml jug and keep nice whirpool going. However when using 600ml jug (half filled at start) I sometimes find that the milk has reached the 30/40 degrees temp and so I plunge wand deeper and I cant get it to swirl anymore and consequently I usually finish up with not enough foam. Is there anyway to correct this without finishing up with over heated or burnt milk. I am not sure but by the sound of it the steam may have stopped. I follow crema kid method and try to steam while lights off. Works ok for 300ml jug.


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    Re: Milk Frothing

    Have you tried NOT plunging the wand depper once it reaches 40 degrees. Keep the wand at the depth which produces the best result. If the milk has expanded enough, then plunge the wand deeper then if the temperature allows it.

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    Re: Milk Frothing

    A few questions:
    1. Are you using a thermometer or hand touch? Reason Im asking is if youre using the thermometer, the thermometer might not be accurate and you might be trying to push the steaming too far and it runs out of steam.
    2. When it stops swirling, do you have that low pitched growl as well? The low pitch growl is when youre losing steam.
    3. Are you tilting your jug at an angle while steaming and wand close to the side?
    4. In the plunge phase of the steaming, how deep does it go? You dont want to plunge it too deep, just below the point where youd be stretching the milk is really all you need to go. Too deep and it won;t swirl effectively because it has more volume of milk to move on top of it and youre coming to the tail end of the steam power.
    5. If you followed cremakids instructions to open the steam knob 10 seconds after hitting the steam switch with the wand already in the milk, if you find youre running out of steam before youre done, try opening the steam knob 7 seconds after instead of 10, and then 5 seconds etc...
    I find I lose steam towards the end before it get up to the desired temp if I open the steam knob 10 seconds after, but its ok if i do it 7 seconds instead.

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