Hi all, just a quick suggestion to owners of Diadema Junior Plus machines.

Recently Ive been trying different steam tips as I find the original tip a bit challenging sometimes. My milk is improving over time so skill is clearly a factor (duh) but weve had our Diadema for nearly a year now and Im still pretty inconsistent, especially when steaming for two or more cups.

I know the steam tip isnt the only variable here but just for the record, Im really impressed with the basic 2-hole steam tip from Coffeeparts.com.au (part 614723-A). With the new tip Im reliably getting thick, creamy, glossy microfoam almost the whole way through the jug.

If youre producing less-than-perfect milk at the moment you might give the CoffeeParts tip a try, its pretty cheap at $15 + postage. Attached is a photo of the original tip (left) and the replacement (right).