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Thread: WBC Cappuccino

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    WBC Cappuccino

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    The WBC Cappuccino volume size to be presented to judges is 150-180ml. If cappuccino is supposed to be approximately equal ratios of espresso, milk and microfoam, what size shot do they pull seeing as manufacturers like ACF have a 5oz(150ml) competition Campione Cap cup?

    I was under the impression that generally single shots are around 30ml (1oz), doubles around 60ml (2oz).

    Is the ratio actually ~30ml espresso, 60ml milk which is then volumised up to 120ml via microfoaming to equal 150ml total volume?

    In the pictures I could find, the competitors filled very nearly to the brim.

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    Re: WBC Cappuccino

    it is a 25-30ml shot

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