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Thread: Baby to beast - tips for the change?

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    Baby to beast - tips for the change?

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    I just replaced my Breville Cafe Roma with an Expobar Office SA (also known as the pulsar). Ive gone from a thermoblock steam wand to a 2L boiler steam wand.

    Through a great deal of practice I managed to achieve acceptable microfoam using the cafe roma (one trick I learnt was to pull the water tank out for 10 seconds with the steam wand switch on - the thermoblock runs dry for a moment and drys up the steam nicely, also giving double the oomph!).

    The expobar kicks like a mule by comparison. Heating enough milk for two mugs used to take a couple of minutes and now takes 30-40 seconds. The trouble is, Im having trouble harnessing the power! Big bubbles throughout the milk.

    Im sure plenty of practice will get the desired results, but can anyone offer tips?


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    Re: Baby to beast - tips for the change?

    You just need to be more careful and precise in skimming the surface of the milk.

    The big bubbles are because you lowered the jug too much.

    With the extra power its less forgiving but not impossible.

    Practise with water in the jug until you feel confident that your hand is steady then try again with milk.

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    Re: Baby to beast - tips for the change?

    To much air jprm
    When foaming milk I only give it a burst of air in the first second and no more
    The steam does the rest


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