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Thread: Poem..

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    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    In this life of froth and bubbles,
    Two things stand like stone..
    Kindness in anothers troubles,
    Coffee in your own ;D

    Just gotta say I love the title of this forum :)

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    Re: Poem..

    Cute! I love it!

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    Re: Poem..

    Identity, thats great. Love it.

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    Re: Poem..

    Whisper, spring-wind, softly singing,
    Whisper in my ear;
    Respite and nepenthe bringing,
    Can the goal be near?
    Laden with the dew of vespers,
    From the fragrant sky,
    In my ear the wind that whispers
    Seems to make reply --

    Question not, but live and labour
    Till yon goal be won,
    Helping every feeble neighbour,
    Seeking help from none;....etc

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    Re: Poem..

    ... Life is mostly froth & bubble,
    yet two things stand like stone,
    kindness in anothers trouble,
    courage in your own.

    So venture forth with stealth,
    Coffeesnobs fuelled with passion,
    for at stake lies espresso health ...
    for slurping crud seems the fashion.

    Courage, comrades, this is certain.
    All is for the best.
    There are lights behind the curtain -
    so [s]gentiles[/s] snobs, let us rest.

    As the smoke-rack veers seaward,
    from the ancient clay,
    with its moral drifting leeward,
    ends the [s]wanderers[/s] snobs lay.

    Froth & bubbles?
    Now thats the woe ...
    micro-foam troubles?
    Practice is the go.

    Meringues great as a dessert,
    alas, not heaped on my espresso ...
    for out of mouth I will surely spurt.
    a cuppa tea please - coffee Ill fore-go.

    Apologies to Lindsay Gordon for adding a bit of artistic licence! ::)

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