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Thread: serving latte

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    serving latte

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    Hi guys,

    I am wondering in what cup/glass latte should be served? When i was in Sydney, some places serve their latte in tall glasses. In Melbourne, it is all served in short latte glasses.

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    Re: serving latte

    Its a personal choice. I prefer mine served in a short glass. At home I use a Duralex glass; 210mls IIRC.

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    Re: serving latte

    I prefer short too.

    The last time I ordered a latte that arrived in a tall glass, it was 1 shot from stale beans in 4 times too much milk! Never again from there...

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    Re: serving latte

    I have stopped ordering lattes when out and about. I usually go for a machiato or long machiato (triple shot!!) at reputable caffeine establishments, the rest I have an oj or water. I got tired of drinking hot milk with a bit of colouring in it.
    At home I usually have flat whites in my ACF cups, but I have seen some bodum double layer glasses that would be great for latte.

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    Re: serving latte

    "tall" lattes at your local Mc Cafe :)

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    Re: serving latte

    I think its personal preference if youre talking about buying for your own use at home or even if youre stocking your own cafe.

    If you want to choose the right glass, you can do what I like to do and that is feel the rims of the glass! To me, the rim is an important thing because its pretty much what you feel first when youre drinking any drink. I dont like thick rims for coffee, wine or beer! And then too thin a rim is not suited to every drink either.

    For coffee, I do love drinking out of my Duralex glasses and at home, thats pretty much all I use. Ive even splashed out and bought some Ikea glasses which cost me a whopping 2 bucks for six. It doesnt even matter when they get broken! Theyre what I use at work for myself and customers who want water. We use the latte glasses with the silver handles for the customers lattes. Im not a big fan of them, personally.

    To me, a latte glass shouldnt have a handle either! If its too hot to pick up, then its going to be too hot to drink and theyve burnt the milk which means its not going to be a great coffee, is it!?

    Hope this is of some help...

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    Re: serving latte

    Yeah i definitely agree that its a matter of taste. I think it depends on the coffee too. At home I use 207ml Libbey glasses most of the time, for most of the coffees I use, I find it gives a good balance/ratio of coffee/milk. Other times I find some coffees I use taste better in 237ml libbey gibralter rocks glass. Thats for lattes anyway.... a drink Im still learning to appreciate.

    If I use a coffee that tastes ok in the 207ml, in the 237ml, most of the time it just tastes like milky coffee, and doesnt cut through milk very well. Something to think about anyway.

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    Re: serving latte

    I make my latte with a double ristretto--extra short (19 gms of grounds to make about 20ml of coffee), and top with micro-foamed milk. All up--100 ml. in these <---- glasses.

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