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Thread: Castle Hill Area

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    Castle Hill Area

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    Kindly asking the community where I could find some fresh coffee to buy around the Castle Hill Area (2154). If it helps generally enjoy the Forza blends from Merlo and Veneziano. Starting to feel a bit spoilt living in Brisbane, so much wonderful coffee everywhere. Something about a little sneaky robusta does it for me, pull the shot a little tighter and I'm in coffee heaven I had a laugh.

    Have bought coffee from Cosmo Coffee, their espresso blend was okay but tasted very safe (hope that makes sense, really tasted like most espresso blends without much uniqueness).

    Any help and suggestions would be grand.



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    The Baron on the outside of Castle Towers has a good reputation. I've only bought their coffee once, the house blend, and I would describe it as safe also. They do have some single origins as well though so it might be with a visit / chat. The Tuckshop in Glenhaven is run by mostly the same people and uses the same coffee I believe.
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    Been a while since I purchased from castle hill but Baron use to stock single origin beans, not sure if they've changed.
    Youeni use to stock Marvell Street once again not sure if they've changed.
    There is a roaster there Pine Tea and Coffee I think is their name. They've won awards at AICA in the past, some of their roasts weren't bad. The only thing I didnt like is they didn't indicate the roast date

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