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Thread: Iron Maiden for Andy

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    Iron Maiden for Andy

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    Being a die hard fan you probably already know but the movie

    " Iron Maiden Flight 666 "

    starts this week I think. It only seems to be in select cinemas so you might have to hunt around.

    Just thought id mention it anyway.


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    Re: Iron Maiden for Andy

    Cool Sarg, no I didnt know the movie was this close **hangs head in shame**.

    At the concert in Melbourne last year they said they were filming in high-def and it would be used in a movie.


    I just read this on their website:

    A special international Iron Maiden day is being planned for 21st April with simultaneous showings of IRON MAIDEN:FLIGHT 666 in selected Digital cinemas around the world - we will of course bring you more information on this nearer the time.

    Digital cinema? *Simultaneous screenings? *Great idea.

    Sadly, the real irony here is that Ill be on a plane that day and wont be able to see it "live".

    I hope to catch it at a cinema somewhere shortly after. *BIG cinema screen is the way to see something like this for sure but I doubt gold class will be an option ;-)

    I found the Oz dates... we get it more than a week after the "live" screening.

    Iron Maiden: Flight 666 will screen in Australian cinemas from Thursday 30th April to Wednesday 6th May 2009.

    Sigh... roll on digital cinema and digital distribution!

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    Re: Iron Maiden for Andy

    haha, this reminds me of the NSW state comps where one of the ACT guys had Iron Maiden playing as his backing track, hilarious.

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    Re: Iron Maiden for Andy

    Quote Originally Posted by 4B646E730A0 link=1237293947/1#1 date=1238167699
    Sigh... roll on digital cinema and digital distribution!
    If you are not too fussed about copyright violations ;), the internet will undoubtedly have digital copies available within hours of its initial showing.


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