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Thread: Need Advice of a Plumber

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    Need Advice of a Plumber

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    I was not sure where to go for advise for this so thought I would post here.

    Finally after moving into my home 6mths ago I have finally been able to start work on my drive way. *Today while excavating we ran into 2 of my Storm Water drainage pipes. *These are way to close to the surface for my liking and even are stopping me continuing with my concreting.

    The first on is next to my "front porch" as you can see by the picture is barely under the surface

    The second is sitting right in the way of where I want my driveway, *from the top of the garage floor it is roughly 130mm down, *but a garage floor is slightly higher than ground level and I have worked out it is roughly 55mm from ground level.

    I have put in a complaint with my builder but would like to know if these somehow manage to meet guidelines?

    Mods, *if my photos are not right size please let me know and ill attempt to change them

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    Re: Need Advice of a Plumber

    Which state are you in?
    Contact your local Plumbing Industry Commission and find out the minimum depth requirements.
    In Victoria water pipes must be atleast 220mm underground, not sure if that also relates to storm water pipes.

    I nearly burst my gas line a few weeks ago as it wasnt deep enough.

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