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Thread: Sunbeam Blender Programming Options ?

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    Sunbeam Blender Programming Options ?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Was hoping one of the "repairers" might be able to answer this.

    With my Sunbeam EM6910 Coffee Machine, I have the ability to change some of the settings via the buttons on the machine. I would like to know if there is anything similar available on the Sunbeam PB7950 Blender.

    I like to mix Ice, Juice, Yoghurt and Banana to make something similar to a Boost Juice. With my previous machine it was, flick the switch, watch it, and then turn it off when you thought it was ready. It died, and we bought a new Sunbeam machine which has pre-programmed settings....all for 2 Servings.

    Therefore, I was hoping I could make 1 Serve by halving the ingredients....but unless you can shorten the time, the final result comes out too thin. Anyone know if there is undocumented settings available ?

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    Re: Sunbeam Blender Programming Options ?

    Try using manual operationl , the top button on the right hand side of the machine, it does hi, low & pulse, use it to get desired result.
    Then you are not restricted by the functional program buttonsm make it the way you like it.
    hope this helps

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