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Thread: web Hosting?

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    web Hosting?

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    Im planning on starting a website for a developing "cottage industry" style business. Ive registered my domain name but Im stuck on who to go with to host it. I need something basic and inexpensive that does not look amatuerish.
    Most importantly I need:
    * A good user friendly site-building tool
    * A secure checkout
    Id prefer not to sign up to a 12/24/36 month plan, I dont know alot about web hosting and I dont know what the business will require 12 months from now - I rather not get stuck paying for something that no longer suits my needs.
    Anyone suggest a good option?
    Thanks - Kaldi

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    Re: web Hosting?

    PM me if you wish, I have a webhosting company and will tailor a solution for you even to the point of a month by month basis.
    We setup solutions for Ecommerce as well as other services


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    Re: web Hosting?

    Quote Originally Posted by 74797A74160 link=1244928580/1#1 date=1244940359
    I have a webhosting company
    Nice to know.
    Filed in memory.

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    Re: web Hosting? or are both good hosts.

    Ive used both of them, Im currently with however I was with for 5 years before moving, the reason for the move is unimportant but they are a good host and worth a look at.

    Importantly however, they are both US based hosts, but you just cant find them prices in Australia anywhere, hosts in australia just arent capable of delivering that service for that price.

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