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Thread: what flavours do your ears like

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    what flavours do your ears like

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    We all like coffee.
    But what do we like to listen to when drinking it.
    I have music i like to listen to at different times of the day when i have coffee.

    -Morning -
    Led Zeppelin
    Jimi Hendrix
    Pearl Jam
    Lou Reed
    Elvis Costello
    Peter Gabriel

    Willie Nelson
    Chris Isaak
    Mark Knopfler
    Dire Straits
    Simply Red

    Gil Scott Heron
    Count Basie
    John Coltrane
    Courtney Pine
    Dave Brubeck
    Miles Davis
    Diana Krall
    Wynton Marsalis
    Jazz standards by the originals
    Jazz in general

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    Re: what flavours do your ears like

    My song selection covers the Wiggles, and Hi five at the moment. Sounds like heaven. ;D

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    Re: what flavours do your ears like

    Hi Lozzo,

    My tastes would be very similar to yours, with an emphasis on melodic jazz in the evenings.

    At the moment I get a great fix from Radio Paradise, as a no-cost add-on of my internet service provider. If you have download capacity to spare a link to their broadcast is a joy, with the added bonus of no commercials.

    A very happy RP listener and financial supporter.

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    Re: what flavours do your ears like

    Opera, Opera and more Opera...some Oritorio some Musicals and Operetta and big Orchestra/Choral sounds that resonate the entire body when you listen. *The technical prowess required to achieve such sounds is born of 10% talent and 90% work/practice. *No electronic amplification... just the glory of the human body resonating with the human experience! *Forget for the moment other languages, fat people with horns atop their heads riding Clydesdales onto the stage only ot scream at the audience for 30mins in a forein language. *Challenge yourselves to experience just a snippet of great classical instrumental, orchestral and vocal music and please... please... oh please, avoid anything pseudo commercial (Andre Rear, Andrea Bottled-Chilli and Teddy Hit-the-road/David Hobbled). *Go to youtube and listen to Nicola Martinucci, Leontyne Price, Samuel Ramey (or for the purists Jerome Hines), and even Kiri, Joan and the big Pav.... these people are/\/were stars and they can do it without electricity.... makes surfing Coffeesnobs *during the boring bits hard but! * Then... go and buy the CDs and laud it over all of your Jazz friends. Go out there, be a snob, and tell the radio stations that you want to choose the hit songs... not be victims of if we play it enough they will learn to like it... or worse still nostalgia will keep them tuned in! *Now, who can tell that Ive just come home from the theatre cranky!!!

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