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    I witnessed a spam attack last night. I checked in on the Last 20 and found the two most recent posts were spam. It wasnt iffy spam, like "a cafe I like uses beans from Notorious Spam Shop," but obvious spam offering to enhance ones virility. *I was pretty annoyed; I get enough of that garbage in my e-mail. *There were no mods online at the time, so I wondered what to do. *A couple of other members replied to the spam with scornful and humorous putdowns. *I wondered, though, if the spammers would have been glad in that ultimately people looked and saw their spam; all publicity is good publicity.

    Would it perhaps be a good option when such spam arrives for whichever member happens across it first to reply to the thread simply with the word SPAM. *That way others would feel no curiosity about it and mods could then check it out and delete the post/thread if they agreed that it was spam. *What do you reckon?

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    Re: SPAM

    Quote Originally Posted by 48444D4D4E4E475E585F2B0 link=1251608350/0#0 date=1251608350
    I wondered what to do
    Always email me the link to the post.
    andy@coffee(you can guess the rest!)

    I see email most of the day and night from all over the place on a number of machines even if Im not on the website.
    (Dont PM me though, I just dont get to read them often enough)

    Quote Originally Posted by 48444D4D4E4E475E585F2B0 link=1251608350/0#0 date=1251608350
    whichever member happens across it first to reply to the thread simply with the word SPAM
    Works for me!

    The only pproblem I can see is that with you using SPAM as the subject on this post maybe no one will reply

    When we know about a spammer we edit or delete their posts, ban their IP address and often auto-change all future posting of their website to something like ****

    Quote Originally Posted by 48444D4D4E4E475E585F2B0 link=1251608350/0#0 date=1251608350
    all publicity is good publicity
    only until their website is forever tagged as ****


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    Re: SPAM

    Hi Luwaks, I spotted it last night too, as you might have noticed, and just shot an email to Andy. I think thats what has been asked for in the past if there isnt anyone else online at the time, but I could be wrong.

    I had always thought that spammers where hoping for a small percentage of their junk to end in a purchase from a few suckers, I dont think ANY publicity that a spammer gets around here is going to be good.

    Personally, i find their stupidity an amusing diversion, but can understand that not everyone would want to waste time viewing the junk.

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    Re: SPAM

    Spamers and companies that sanction the use of such advertising tactics possibly need to be sent a message from each individual who does not appreciate their intrusions. *Why doesnt a moderator place the web/email address of such offenders in an off-topic post so that we can, each and every one of us, post them and their Web 2.0 sites a message of discontent. *Mine would read:

    "your product was recently brought to my attention by your, or somebody acting on your behalfs use of spam. *If this is what you require to solicit customers, then your product is obviosly inferior, and therefore as an aware and socially conscious consumer warrants my attention. I will now actively warn my friends and collegues about your business practices and save them from your evident low standards commercially and socially. *As word of mouth is the best form of advertising you have done yourself and your company more harm than good by spamming my favorite coffee site! *Piss off truely, Brett H"

    Now dont get me started on Tele-marketers!

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    Re: SPAM

    On the Coffeegeek site there is a general instruction not to reply to spam posts. The reason given was that it makes it harder for the mods to eliminate the spam and deal with offender.
    It that something that applies to this site, or is it a different kettle of fish/spam and restricted to the CG site?

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