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Thread: Funny Mis-Typings

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    Funny Mis-Typings

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Weve all done it (and Ive just jumped out of a thread where I had a cackle at someones expense...sorry MmmmCoffee, but I couldnt help myself!)

    Situation that happened to me a couple of weeks ago and I still cant think about it without cracking up.

    I was texting my sister in law on my new iPhone, which has a touch sensitive keypad. Background was that we were trying to sort a night out for she and the family to come over for dinner.

    Conversation went something like this...

    Her: "Okay, I just got home and Steve told me we have plans this weekend, so can we make it one day next weekend. I am off all weekend."

    Me: "Sounds like a good plan to me - hoe"

    (at which point, I accidentally hit the Send key, when I mean to backspace, so I continued on with)

    Me: "how does this Saturday night sound?"

    Her: "Sounds good - so you werent calling me a hoe then?"

    At which point, I realised what Id hit Send on and was a teary giggling mess in the front seat of the car and Pete was looking at me rather strangely. I couldnt even get enough breaths between my laughing fit to tell him what it was about!

    Funnily enough, that was three weeks ago and we still havent had dinner - Im keeping my fingers crossed she hasnt taken offence!


    Anyone else got any good stories to share?

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    Re: Funny Mis-Typings

    I dont make typos.

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    Re: Funny Mis-Typings

    e meither!

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    Re: Funny Mis-Typings

    I never make mythakes eiber

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    Re: Funny Mis-Typings

    Quote Originally Posted by 052234263E4D0 link=1251867930/0#0 date=1251867930
    Funnily enough, that was three weeks ago and we still havent had dinner
    emuff seared awlreddy :-[

    Nice one Hoyks ;)

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    Re: Funny Mis-Typings

    giggled like a schoolgirl...that was a laugh riot..seriously...very nice mistake...I had a laugh!

    In fact she must have laughed out crazy too..when you made that typo..

    I hardly make mistakes while Im chatting...and take great care that I dont make any mistake...coz most of the times Im talkin to girls and girls dont like that I guess...I had a laugh...who knows...but they make lot of typos and dont even care...even after I ask them to correct...they just laugh it fact its really sweet sometimes...people type stuff as they speak often...accents play a part...

    But this kind of typing mistake is really nice and a reason to laugh out. I guess, we should make this mistake on purpose to make some nice humor...:)

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    Re: Funny Mis-Typings

    Ha ha, Iphones are bad for it as they use predictive text on a qwerty keyboard? And unless you correct the iPhones changes it just does it, very annoying and sometimes embarrassing! :-[

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