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Thread: Post your picture thread!

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    Post your picture thread!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I didnt see one around! and thought it wouldnt be a bad addition to the off-topic scene.

    I doubt us civilised folks would need rules to be clear of! Haha, so let it rip guys, if you feel like showing yourself off, and dont be shy to be a photo-whore. I know Im not shy. :D

    Me displaying my fan-ism for John Deere. (Im the guy on the right) XD

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    Re: Post your picture thread!

    My 3 kids, my mum and me...

    One of my more.........handsome moments... ;D

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    Re: Post your picture thread!

    ^Thats a crack up of a photo, Bluey!

    Robstar...Ill take your John Deere tshirt and raise it purple John Deere tshirt with the original JD logo on the sleeve as well as the new logo on the front, three pink John Deere caps, one purple JD cap, one John Deere camo cap and a John Deere ride on lawn mower seat cover, oh and not forgetting the John Deere key ring. Im sure that there is some other JD stuff lying around here...

    Im surrounded by John Deere out here. If you ever want some cheaper John Deere gear, let me know, I can source a JD trucker cap for about 10 bucks if you like it that much... ;D

    As for this thread being done I dont think it go for it...some might be shy and others will be quite happy to post up. It could be useful as a way for those who are going to meet up to be able to recognise folk theyve never seen before but for me, its half the fun of meeting up with never know what to expect until you see them in RL!

    But...Ill play as most of you have seen me now...with one of my most fave recent photos...

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    Re: Post your picture thread!

    Love the pose Bluey ;)

    Cheers Scoota! A trucker cap would definitely fit my thick skull quite well! :D Lovin the aviators too.

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