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Thread: Thats not really Decaf??

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    Thats not really Decaf??

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Interesting article in todays SMH

    WARNING: May contain references to decaf and instant coffee. Well, OK, it DOES contain references to...etc

    EDIT: Judging by the second reader comment, Id say at least one of us has already viewed the article today.

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    Re: Thats not really Decaf??

    Geez, I would love to be "a fly on the wall" when his dear wife discovers the truth ::)

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    Re: Thats not really Decaf??

    I tried to find an online copy as soon as I read the article in the paper.
    When I searched within SMH I got "Unfortunately we currently do not have any content for Heckler."

    Thanks for finding this Steve.

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