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Thread: Auctions that make you go hmmmmmmm..........

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    Auctions that make you go hmmmmmmm..........

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I have been trawling the trademe auctions for quite a while just seeing whats out and about and what sort of money that machines go for etc, just been a general nosey bastard.

    Anyway, there has been a few lately that have just defied logic.

    One auction currently has a rather nice HX E61 machine and grinder for sale just shy of $3k, not OTT but right up there. The real kicker is the grinder, its a whirly blade. I wonder if the seller was dissapointed that his new machine wouldnt produce "cafe quality"

    Another few is not the seller, but one of the "buyers" who keeps asking if the machine (Silvia, Faema 1 grp commercial plus some others) have the "e-61 head"). Sounds like he has been told to get an E61 machine, but has absolutely no idea what it is or what it looks like.

    There are plenty of other non coffee related auctions that are funny, but these ones really spring to mind


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    Re: Auctions that make you go hmmmmmmm..........

    i love looking at trademe, some interesting stuff pops up. I like that 2 group 60s Faema on there, but the Q&A mentions some modifications to the boiler supports.

    If only you could strap a machine into the seat on the plane by buying a one way ticket ;D

    A Synesso Sabre 3grp recently was on there as well.

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    Re: Auctions that make you go hmmmmmmm..........

    I remember a few months back there was Sue on ebay who probably asked 5 different people (that I saw) if their machine had a tank or needed to be plumbed in - and she aksed it on such a variety of machines, real small ones to 2 group machines.

    for me its often the sellers actions - my favourite has to be people who bid and retract to check buyers maximum bids, or bidding on their own items with their multiple acounts. Some people are so obvious about it!

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    Re: Auctions that make you go hmmmmmmm..........

    ... and thats why we call it evil bay!

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