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Thread: DIY Workshop

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    DIY Workshop

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    This really is the kind of thing where people go, "Why didnt I think of that". *Also worth noting is that I have no interest in posting this other than to go, "Hey guys, how cool is this!" *Im sure some of the home roaster builders would love to have access to this.

    This particular business based in the US is changing its operating model to not just stay afloat but flourish.

    Selling access to a fully kitted out workshop for a monthly fee (think gym membership but you get to play with tools instead of get fit).

    The great thing about it is that theyll teach you how to operate the equipment which naturally this lends itself to a continued membership through the general interest we all have to learn (and of course not killing oneself by not knowing how a metal lathe works - as an example)

    Our organisation sent someone over to the Singularity University and this place was one of the field trips they stopped off at.

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    Re: DIY Workshop

    There was somethink like this on the gold coast years ago, on a smaller scale, mainly delt with mech tools, wood work and metal payed rent basically, little as one was brilliant, the only problem was booking time.......there wasnt any :(

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    Re: DIY Workshop

    Also on a more modest scale:

    Think "Mens Shed" and check your local council, local church, etc.

    I was involved in running one of these here in Adelaide, and know of several more. They were actually starting a coordinating body a couple of years ago.


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    Re: DIY Workshop

    I came across tech shop last year. Pity there is nothing like this in aus - I spose we just dont have the demand to start up such an expensive business.

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