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    Local News

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Heres a tidbit in to days bulletin

    THE Gold Coast is dripping with million-dollar luxuries and a few simple ones -- like great coffee.
    A good cup of the best brew can be expensive though, with the Coasts highest priced coffee selling for as much as $7 a shot.
    The Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is served at Torrefazione in Southport and according to barista Rayne Giles it is for coffee aficionados.
    "We have the regulars who will buy it but I think it is for people who have money to spend," he said.
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    "People who try it usually know a bit about coffee and are interested by it."
    Jamaican Blue Mountains coffee gets its complex flavour from the fog in the mountains which slows the ripening process.
    The coffee is delivered to Torrefazione as green beans and roasted on site with 1kg bags selling for $180.
    Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is touted internationally as one of the worlds best -- and most expensive -- coffees.
    There are strict guidelines by the The Coffee Industry Regulation Act which dictates what can be classified as a Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.
    Traditionally only coffee grown at elevations between 3000 and 5500 feet can be called Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.
    Manager of Torrefazione, Petrina Walker, said baristas also loved the coffee because it was easy to make a good cup of coffee with it.
    "Its a very dense bean and of such good quality that it makes our job very easy," she said.
    "I havent met anyone who said it isnt a beautiful coffee."
    The rich, well drained soil in Jamaica is also a factor in the flavour of the famous coffee.
    The aroma of the coffee is quite nutty while the taste is very smooth and sweet.

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    Re: Local News

    Its good coffee, Mon!

    Somewhere else for me to try when Im up there...Mon!


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