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I think this Anagram generator sums it up ;D


Anger Managements anagram name is MAT MEAN GANGRENE

Try your own name :) (ps Thundergods is funny)

Coffeesnobss anagram name is SOB OFFENCES
Coffeesnobs.com.aus anagram name is BUFFOONS ACE COMES

The POLL choices:

1) Use Teh Cs Search Functions anagram name is CHIEF OR CUTE STAUNCHNESS
2) Electrical Safety Rants anagram name is CLATTERY, FAT LARCENIES
3) Beans And Teh Rules Of Threes anagram name is UNSERENE FATHEAD BROTHELS
4) Often Spell The As Teh & Poor Maths 2 + 2 = 5=s anagram name is FATHOMLESS PHOTOSPHERE TALENT
5) Please Update Ya Profiles anagram name is APPEAL PITEOUSLY FEARED Location Pleases anagram name is ACE PLAINEST LOO
6) I Concur With Tgs anagram name is WITCH COURTING < :o
7) Dark / Dry Sense Of Humor,s anagram name is FREAKY MORON SHUDDERS
8) Discriminatorys anagram name is SO DIM IRRITANCY Exclusion Or Rejections anagram name is COOL EXCRETION INJURES
9) Attempts To Provide Assistances anagram name is DEVASTATE OR IMPOTENT SPASTICS
10) Wish I Could Ignore Ams anagram name is IM A SLOUCHING WEIRDO

;D ;D ;D
For those that missed the link;


Note: This site and what it generates is about having a laugh and the revisited poll statements; had me in stitches for ages.... Many thanks au_d2

Not sure about all the words.. I guess it depends on what ya put in.. So while Adult viewing is ok... Can not confirm every possible outcome..

I entered my Wifes name; chuckled and then quickly " Alt F4" and closed the browser

It is free and not one of those mobile phone adds that cost you mega dollars.. Though some enterprising person may redirect and charge..