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Thread: The Big "O"

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    The Big "O"

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    How about hooking up one of these babies to your DMM. Itll only set you back a "cool" $11-22K

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    Re: The Big "O"

    I dunno Steve - those fittings and tubings dont look like brass to me. ;D

    Do you think it needs to be plumbed in? :-/

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    Re: The Big "O"

    And a quote from the comments ;D

    Finally water and computers come together. The results are sure to be electrifying!

    Seriously, anybody who spends twenty grand on a home computer doesnt deserve to have money. Give it to me instead, Ill build you a nice gaming machine and donate the remaining $18K for environmental preservation. Everybody wins.

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    Re: The Big "O"

    Know a few who have PCs that almost meet the computing power of Super computers...

    Note: two use a fluid based system and use a non conducting fluid..

    However there are many issues with getting the flow rate and stability of teh system. Then there is the issue of managing condensation as one of my mad mates has a small refrigerant system used to cool teh fluid.

    He studies and maps the projected movement of a number of solar systems and thus needs massive throughput and intense calculations.. He often goes on as to just how big a difference even the smallest rounding error can have on the path of a planet in the future. I upset him by reminding him that in 150 years he will not be here and what can he doo about it any way ::)

    Would make a great Gaming system :-) but he would need to be restrained as it is his baby. His PC room is sealed / insulated and has its own Aircon ;)

    The other nerd uses pelter blocks attached to the heat sinks etc to help in drawing heat away...

    PS. Their systems are almost bare bones Unix/Lynx ??? OS with one or two special apps and nothing else. Fit for purpose and a narrow scope at that...

    I have often threatened to install I-Tunes and watch their systems implode under that worm like app ;D :D ;)

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    Re: The Big "O"

    Quote Originally Posted by 5D727B796E517D727D7B79717972681C0 link=1285670135/3#3 date=1285682722
    I have often threatened to install I-Tunes and watch their systems implode under that worm like app *
    WOW--imagine how fast he could play his music!!!!!


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