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Thread: The 26th Marathon des Sables (Marathon of the Sands) Morocco

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    The 26th Marathon des Sables (Marathon of the Sands) Morocco

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    There appears to be any number of deranged persons in this world some of whom enter into a number of physical events to reach a goal both for themselves and collect monies for worthwhile causes such as CanTeen.* *"CanTeens mission is to support, develop and empower young people living with cancer. They do this by providing an Australia-wide peer support network for 12 to 24 year-olds, who include*:
    •Patients - young people who have been diagnosed with cancer
    •Siblings & Offspring - young people who have an immediate family member (brother, sister, parent or primary carer) who has been diagnosed with cancer; and
    •Bereaved Siblings & Offspring - young people who have had an immediate family member die from cancer" tune into this site to see how our No.1 son (No.583) is going along with at least 20 other Aus entrants - there appears to be at least 893 entrants from across the world with one female aged 70+ who has competed and finished in the last 3 years

    Regards* [smiley=happy.gif]


    PS - It starts tonight our time & is a 6 stage/7 day foot race of aproximately 245 - 250km across the Moroccan Sahara desert. It is regarded as:

    ‘The Toughest Foot Race On Earth’.

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    Re: The 26th Marathon des Sables (Marathon of the Sands) Morocco

    email from Tim re stage 2.

    Windy night and sandstorms at the start - in fact this tent just collapsed and took out a few people, zero vis when it comes through..

    I dialed the pace right back today- no longer competing...but just trying to complete!

    ITB giving me massive trouble - if I stop Im immobilised!

    Finshed today, 5:21, the knee started to come good, but right after I crossed the line, BANG I couldnt walk - had an injection of anti inflam into the space between the ITB and the articulation, not into the articulation itself [don’t know what the drug was]

    Today was 38km, tough but fewer dunes than yesterday - was going well until checkpoint 2 then the knee arced up - will continue as long as I can move forward.

    Looking forward to a cold beer, but that won’t be for a while now.*

    We ran through an old town and a dry river/lake area, uneven ground was very difficult, took the wind out of the sails.

    The setup is amazing, it’s like they move a small city every day!

    out of space!

    email from Tim re stage 3.

    The injection worked!

    First aussie home today I think! [ed: he was!]

    But also took heaps of cool photos!

    Passed through a small village and over a steep crevasse before CP1, the terrain was a death trap! Loose rock on hard/soft sand! Many dune sections today, a lot hotter too.

    Managed food and water well today, coming in with my bottles only just empty.

    CP1 TO CP 2 was very sandy with small dunes, found some wild camels and got some shots.

    Was tough with strong cross wind. CP3 to Biv 3 - straight out of the CP up a rocky crevasse that just went on & on, caught by a kiwi, but I know he’s fast so felt good about it.

    Amazing views from the top - got more photos. With 5/6 dues left to basecamp, my tent mate caught up to me - but this was to be my day...I put the camera away and fired it in a few mins ahead of him ;-)

    Felt hard but good - now to work out eating for tomorrow’s long effort - will conserve the knee - will get that freaking medal -not so keen to pop that flare now ;-)

    Spirits high legs sore, but still smiling especially when I get the emails of support, thanx.


    MDS Stage 3 update: awesome effort from Tim overnight - 65th fastest over the stage (fastest Aussie!), 5:03:48 only 1:48:58 behind the stage winner...currently sitting 143rd/833 (16 DNFs), total time 15:39:11, 6:41:44 behind the leader...still 3rd Aussie/17 (3 DNFs) but closing the gap!

    Yah!!!! [smiley=vrolijk_26.gif]

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    Re: The 26th Marathon des Sables (Marathon of the Sands) Morocco

    MDS Stage 5 & 6 results...
    Tim has FINISHED!!

    6 stages, 250.7k,!

    Stage 5:
    Tims time: 5:43:38
    Leaders time: 3:10:45

    Overall Tims time: 34:17:33
    Overall Leaders time: 19:36:18

    Tims position: 134th/821 finishers (37 DNFs)
    3rd Australian out of 16 (4 DNFs)

    Stage 6:
    Tims time: 1:51:49
    Leaders time: 1:20:01

    Overall Tims time: 36:09:23
    Overall Leaders time: 20:56:19

    Tims position: 130th/811 finishers (38 DNFs)
    3rd Australian /16 (4 DNFs)
    52nd/274 age group 40-49

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    Re: The 26th Marathon des Sables (Marathon of the Sands) Morocco

    This came through to us after No.1 son had completed the race.

    Heres Tims fourth email following Stage 5

    "Some steep climbs early in the stage spread the field to single file.

    I was getting hit with rotor wash from the helo swooping in, thatguy really is a cowboy!

    I started with a taped right knee but was losing power through vastus lat, so took the strapping off at CP 1.

    I managed my food and water well - but by CP 3 my kneee couldnt produce more than a walk. I expect that Ive slipped from 125th in the general classification.

    51deg C as we crossed the very open 2km to the finish.

    Ill be crossing the line tomorrow with a smile and a tear, the desert has handed me my arse on a platter twice now...very humbling experience.

    Prime mission is still a go, to complete this devious event - the tricks it plays on the mind are only surpassed by those the environment delivers to the body!

    Ill crawl back to my tent now- could so go a cold beer or 6!

    Will send more from Ozz tomorrow, post race! Thanks for the emails youve sent Bron, they really helped keep me on the run course and my hands away from my flare ;-) 5:45ish

    (ed: I think Tim has appreciated all the emails - I was sending him some additional secret squirrel coded ones about placings etc)

    All runners had to have a "flare" to operate if they needed help from race officials.* Were glad he finished.(Mum & Dad) - Not bad 130th out of 811 who made it through to the end; we had his beer waiting.

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