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Thread: Over there....

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    Over there....

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    Dennis posted the other day to state that he is not a member of another forum where his name gets mentioned.

    Like Dennis, I too am not a member. Neither is Talk Coffee. In fact the so called "friendly forum" chooses its members and will not allow me to join their little clique to defend myself. Seems theyre scared of me...

    To clarify a few of the too frequent mistruths so gleefully flung around in the gutter over there- in the main by a small number of CS members and ex. members:
    • Talk Coffee has agencies in Sydney and Tasmania. Cuppacoffee acts as the Talk Coffee Sydney agent to sell Talk Coffee product into NSW only.
    • Cuppacoffee offers Talk Coffee product to NSW clients. Sometimes prices are the same, sometimes theyre better, sometimes theyre not.
    • Cuppacoffee and Talk Coffee both sell Lelit independently and will do so on Breville as well. Each business sets its own price.
    • Sometimes, Talk Coffee and Cuppacoffee offer joint deals on products. This by its very nature means that the same price is offered to members. Its called a sale.* ::)
    • Cuppacoffee and Talk Coffee both received a small allocation of Dual Boiler machines. Talk Coffee sold out last weekend and I have retained just three unsold units one of which will be my demo, one for a friend and one to keep in stock.

    Now, to those few individuals who seem to be concerned only with sinking the knives in, you have your facts- not that they are actually any of your business.

    Guys, go and get a life. Surely you have more important matters to attend to?

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    Re: Over there....

    Statement made, thread locked and will be removed soon.

    The next one of these type posts made will be deleted without notice.

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