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Thread: Filthy steam wands

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    Filthy steam wands

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Needed an afternoon pickmeup, so picked up a double ris-piccolo from a espresso bar (apparently roast on premises also) near central station in Sydney. As I was draining the cup (no lid) I saw flecks of milk solids/skin at the bottom of the cup ):
    Was a nice cuppa but I cant bring myself to buy another from them :/

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    Re: Filthy steam wands

    Eeeewww....what the!?! :o

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    Re: Filthy steam wands

    It wasnt Coffee Trails was it?

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    Re: Filthy steam wands

    You cant trust a cafe where they hide the machine (particularly the steam wands) out of sight.

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    Re: Filthy steam wands

    Probably didnt purge before doing your milk. Yuck.

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