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Thread: Too good to be true probably is!

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    Too good to be true probably is!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Id been keeping an eye out for a particular dishwasher you know where and a few weeks ago, there appeared a newb seller with a very professional shop selling a whole heap of electrical gear out of Sydney. He had 30ish positive feedback, but only on small stuff.

    The dishwasher was a few hundy cheaper and the promise of a further hundy off and free delivery if buyers paid by direct deposit. This had me somewhat on guard.... I thought Id chance it, but only on the proviso hed accept PayPal and Id forgo the freebies...

    Turned out it was a scam (I wasnt surprised). I think he probably ripped $50+k off unsuspecting buyers. Fortunately, my money boomeranged courtesy of the PayPal dispute I opened once the item was overdue.

    Be on your guard guys as this can and does happen with espresso gear as well. Its a good thing we have PayPal...

    I hope that the scammer will soon be sharing a romantic cell for two with Bubba...* ;) ;D



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    Re: Too good to be true probably is!

    Even sellers who do have 100% feedback and have sold hundreds of items can be dodgy.

    I worked with a guy a while back (who did, incidentally, end up in jail) who was flogging HEAPS of computer gear from the place we worked. It was all legit (in the sense that it was actual goods that the people received), and his customers were happy. Months later, some of the items were recovered as stolen property...despite people buying them, and leaving positive feedback.

    He stole around $150k worth of gear and flogged it for about $70k on the bay.

    As always, BUYER BEWARE.

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    Re: Too good to be true probably is!

    i had a similar situation recently with a mazzer super jolly, 0% feedback, asking for deposit directly into a bank account, supposedly a demo model used to sell cafes on the idea of getting mazzer grinders (like that needs to happen, haha). this guy said the agent needed it sold quick and wanted him to sell it for him, all for the bargain price of $350 buy it now with free delivery, tempting, very tempting....

    ended up going with a new k3t from cuppacoffee instead, and after reading this, im sure glad thats the way i went.

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