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Thread: Commercial coffee-making processes

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    Commercial coffee-making processes

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    I was going to post this in the barista venting thread, but I thought it might be a tad hijacky.

    Im currently working on a process-innovation project for my masters degree, and the process ive chosen to focus on is "Coffee-based beverage produced using an espresso machine".

    Question for those who have worked (or currently work) in this area (ie. baristas, cafe owners, restaurant owners etc):

    • What do you think is the single biggest improvement youve made to your process in order to improve the way you do your job?

    To give you an idea that no improvement is too big, or too small, these are some ideas ive already received in conversation with others:

    • Locating a fridge dedicated to milk underneath the espresso bar, to minimise travel to and fro the previous fridge located in the kitchen
    • Ensuring the bean-hopper in the grinder(s) is full at the beginning of the day, to eliminate the downtime when the hopper needs refilling during service
    • Making customers pay at a separate register, to eliminate barista having to handle cash
    • Changing the "free biscuit" jar so it is easier to grab a biscuit quickly to include with each milk-based coffee. The existing one had a stupid metal closure that required two-hands to open and close it, wasting valuable seconds every single time.

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    Re: Commercial coffee-making processes

    Gday Toasty,

    Just to let you know i work in a restaurant environment, but this may apply to anywhere theres a customer/barista liaison.

    Have the coffee machine positioned in a way that is separate from the cash register but still close enough for clients ( especially regulars who know the barista) to meet the barista and see their coffee making process.

    Gary at G

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