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Thread: Today 11/11/2011

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    Today 11/11/2011

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    Congratulations all of this rare event that happens once in a hundred years!

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    Re: Today 11/11/2011

    Yes, but dont forget its Remembrance Day

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    Re: Today 11/11/2011

    How could we forget?

    At least, if someones forgotten that, they need a quick reminder of history, and the reason we say "lest we forget"

    I sincerely hope, that nobody forgets the sacrifices of soldiers who fought. I also hope that nobody forgets the innocents who are caught up in fighting. I would like to say it is all a memory, but alas, Even in our modern world. There are still wars going on as we speak.

    Cant we all just enjoy our coffee in world peace?


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    Re: Today 11/11/2011

    Quote Originally Posted by 55786C7E7170777E586D5F786D7C190 link=1320950221/2#2 date=1320963050
    How could we forget?
    Even in our modern world. There are still wars going on as we speak.
    Indeed, but sadly we do forget and also choose to ignore things that should outrage us.

    Currently nations we support are still using white phosphorous shells against refugees and laying landmines that kill and maim indiscriminately.

    Hopefully most here know why we commemorate remembrance day on the 11th nov and why we observe the two minute silence at 11 am. How many consider that the catalyst for world war one bears strong parallels with that for the current war of terror - except that back then, we fought for the other side!

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    Re: Today 11/11/2011

    Unfortunatly we have forgotten, why are our boys in Afganistan, its time the government remembered and bought them home.

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