Andy suggested that I post my problem to this location.

The full details are below:

* Andy Freeman <> [29.06.07 10:11]:
>Hi Felix,

understand the symptoms that you are seeing but you seem to be the only person getting them so I doubt very much it is a problem that can be fixed at this end.

The best suggestion I can make is to post the description to the off-topic area and see if other CSrs have come across (or remedied) the same issue.



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I paid another visit to CoffeeSnobs and repeated my previous experience (reported 3.April).

After returning from an inspection of the content of BeanBay, YaBB transformed me into a "Guest" and invited to login. *Despite the fact that, at the bottom of the page, I was still listed as a logged-in member.

When I flagged the problem originally, you thought it related to the way that my web-browser handles cookies. *This diagnosis appears to be correct.

This time I was able to check. *I received 2 cookies during my visit - one from "" and one from "". *Both were scheduled to expire on "1970-01-01 10:00:00". This is the computer-generated default value for "date/time". *The default value should have been overwritten by information asked for and supplied at login and should have read circa "2007-06-28 08:55:00 (AEST or the GMT equivalent)".

I hope that the problem has an easy fix.
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