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Thread: Himalaya Coffee Co.

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    Himalaya Coffee Co.

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    I got to this site trying to find Himalaya Coffee which apparently was a topic in the past. Is there anyway that I can get it again? It has been about twenty years since I last had it. :) :)

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    Re: Himalaya Coffee Co.

    You could always try popping this in the Wishing Well and it might pop up in a future beanbay.


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    Re: Himalaya Coffee Co.

    There is a Central American coffee called "Himalaya Estate", it wouldnt be that one by any chance would it?


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    Re: Himalaya Coffee Co.

    I found the grower. It won 6th place in the SCEA world coffee competition in Paris last year. Unfortunately, their whole crop was sold to a Japanese coffee company and I dont know when it could be available again.
    I even had email from the grower, Sra. Sonia de Salaverria, widow of the founder.

    Thanks for the input.

    Bill Wood

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    Re: Himalaya Coffee Co.

    their whole crop was sold to a Japanese coffee company
    A common problem in the industry. Small lots of specialty coffee and large world demand means top prices and low availabilty for many origins.

    Maybe you can source the company in Japan?

    Good luck Bill.

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