i found an O/S website recently when i was looking for ways to get my Europe-based daughter some freshly roasted coffee and a plunger...

initially i thought i would send her the surprise parcel from here.. even roasted a 1KG pack ready to go... and then (because wonderfully roasted beans have to get there quick for super-duper freshness..) I discovered the postage :( :(

so, went to the scarlet pimpernel...oops, sorry... the scarlet primate site and got the plunger, a set of cups and the coffee for less than just the freight from here.
they delivered to her hotel ( she was on business in Glasgow) ON TIME, and, according to my daughter, their coffee was delicious.. and she compared it with my own home-roasts, which she loved!! (damn, there is no smiley for "proud as punch"...).

this crowd also sells greens, although at a premium... :(, but they deliver for free anywhere in the UK.
FWIW... i have bookmarked this site... PM me for details.