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Thread: Our commercial machines are down there

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    Our commercial machines are down there

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I was wandering thru that well-known purveyor of top-end coffee machines, *::) *Dick Smith Electronics today when a $49 baby machine caught my eye. *A salesman asked if I was interested.... "Not exactly. Im more into commercial machines"

    "We have commercial machines," he replied.
    "You do? *:o" *i said rather suprised. *"I dont think you do."
    "We do, theyre down there." he pointed. *
    We followed him to the "commercial machine" aisle. *
    He pointed out the range: Krubs, Brevilles ($390 model) and the most expensive, a Gaggia Classic and a fully auto thing for around $1100.

    After a little banter, the salesman, who confessed he wasnt into coffee, asked me to explain to him how all the machines differed, which made the best coffee etc. He was genuine, I would add.

    Just goes to show what the punters are often up against when they take that first step into the world of espresso.


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    Re: Our commercial machines are down there

    I could believe the sales guy would be interested in your explanation. In my very limited experience of chatting to the sales people in these retail outlets (Ive spoken to one!), I get the impression theyre not given much training or advice in the machines they have to sell, if any. Its great to hear he seized the opportunity to learn more, afterall it can only help him with his sales.

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    Re: Our commercial machines are down there

    Did you tell him what you had sitting on your bench at home?

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