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Thread: CSer barter system??

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    CSer barter system??

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    As we inch closer to 5000 members some time next year, I continue to be amazed that one common interest draws together a huge range of skills...We do good things for each other by paying it forward and Fair Crack will do great things for those in need...

    What if we have an informal barter system to exchange goods and services?

    So who are you and what do you have to offer?

    Im more than happy to barter the occasional machine or grinder for goodies which I need ;)


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    Re: CSer barter system??

    Id be up for that, I can offer Graphic design services and organise printing for anyone in need of some promotion.

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    Re: CSer barter system??

    I teach Swing and Rock n Roll dancing in Thornbury, Vic

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    Re: CSer barter system??

    I can write.

    Advertising Copy
    Technical Manuals
    Policy Documents

    Even jingles (Blerch!) - you name it!

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    Re: CSer barter system??

    Im happy to exchange goods for services.

    I do branding (ie. developing identities for companies), web development (thats websites), and e-Commerce/Database design, development and consultancy. For the less technical, that means that websites can appear from thin air, online shops are the speciality, and anything else is possible after weve talked about it and have an idea how to go about it.

    Im in Sydney but can travel, and am a complete workaholic!

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    Re: CSer barter system??

    This thread has developed into another "what do coffeesnobs do for a crust".

    I think it would be more successful if only members who actually had something to barter actually posted, just as someone who wants to buy/sell coffee hardware posts in that section.

    For example, one might post: I have 12 cappuccino cups which Ill swap for one plunger.... Or whatever.

    Im willing to barter my 2 cents worth for worthwhile respones.

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    Re: CSer barter system??

    Another writer - specialising in business-to-business (newsletters, direct mail, medai releases, web copy, etc)! My business card says "marketing communications consultant". Actually, since its only paper, it doesnt say anything...

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    Re: CSer barter system??

    I can jump puddles :D

    had to say that as what I can offer would maybe be too close to site rules of business posting, plus our leader knows what I can offer :)

    ok back to my corner

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