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Thread: Dear Friends...

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    Dear Friends...

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    I just wanted to let some of you whove known me around the forum for a few years, what has recently come to pass in regards to some of my personal life.

    Seeing as there were quite a few of you who very very kindly sent me tremendous words of encouragement, kindness, and of course sympathy a couple of years ago...I thought it only appropriate to let you know what has transpired recently, as I know some of you may be curious to know how Im going.

    It will also go some way to explaining my quietness around these parts of late too, I hope.

    I wont rehash old stuff too much, suffice to say, that there was a significant anniversary for me this week.

    Bizarrely enough, the Safety Investigators finally released their final report into the accident just last week. Yes, timing is everything! ::)

    If you would like to see the report for yourself, please, dont hesitate to PM me and I will be more than happy to send you the link for it. Of course, some of you may be able to track it down yourself without my assistance on the Transport Safety Bureaus website.

    It has also been a strain these past few weeks, as the aviation incident that occured near Darwin, involved someone we also knew well. One of the pilots involved was a past employee of our company and we know his parents well, who also live in this town.

    So, tomorrow, Ill be attending the memorial service for him.

    NOT looking for sympathy folks...just wanted to sincerely thank you all again for your tremendous friendship and support as well as try to give something back to you all. For what its worth and what Im able to.

    P.S...this is not me saying Im leaving, if you think it has that tone! Its me saying THANKYOU and a little bit more...I plan on drinking coffee for a little longer yet! ;)

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    Re: Dear Friends...

    Cheers Scoots....

    Were all thinking of you, Seth and the extended family. All the best mate.... :)


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    Re: Dear Friends...


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    Re: Dear Friends...

    Double ditto. Youre in our thoughts and are happy to offer whatever support we can.

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    Re: Dear Friends...

    Big hugs from The Shire Tam.

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    Re: Dear Friends...

    My thoughts and prayers are with ya Tam


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    Re: Dear Friends...

    ""I plan on drinking coffee for a little longer yet! Wink"

    Hang in there Scoota and keep the coffee flowing.
    Best wishes

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    Re: Dear Friends...

    Scoota, I wish you and your boy a peaceful Christmas. :)

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